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Here at Flannery and sons landscaping we provide quality security fencing services for commercial, farming and industrial projects throughout counties Sligo, Roscommon, Mayo and Leitrim. A welded mesh or palisade fence provides a long lasting way of forming and securing a boundary to your property. Here is some information and examples of security fencing that we have erected over the past few years.

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V- type Weld mesh Panel Fencing

Declan Flannery, Flannery and sons Landscaping

Declan Flannery

This fence was erected for. 

Tom Regan Tractors 


Co. Roscommon

 Welded Mesh Panel Fencing in Green

V mesh fencing offers a strong and secure perimeter, that is also child friendly and ideal for sites where there may be chrildren .

Wall mounted weld mesh panel fencing

This is a bolt down post, which has a base plate which is bolted down to solid ground, such as concrete.

868 Twin Mesh Wire Fencing

Mostly used for school game courts and astroturf surrounds, the Twin Wire Mesh system is strong and resistant to impact fatigue over time. With the addition of being galvanized and powder coated the system has a long lasting finish that it maintenance free and protected from corrosion.
This system contains a double horizontal wire arrangement which greatly improves its strength yet does not reduce visibility beyond the panel.

Single and double gates available

Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing has been proven over the years to be a cost effective security solution. It is strong, durable and fulfils many demanding roles.Palisade Fencing is viewed as the best type of security fencing and is commonly used in factories, industrial units, and other areas to stop trespassing.

This is a bolt down post, which has a base plate which is bolted down to solid ground, such as concrete.

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